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The Benefits Of Spaying Your Female Cat

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If you are the owner of an unaltered female cat, you have most likely considered having her spayed by a veterinarian. If you have not yet had this procedure performed, knowing the benefits to be obtained may help you make the decision to speed up the making of an appointment. Here are some reasons why spaying your cat is advantageous.

No Worry About Unwanted Kittens

An unaltered cat will naturally seek out a mate in order to reproduce. If you are not ready to undertake the commitment of caring for kittens, spaying your cat will stop the process from happening altogether. Your cat will not become pregnant after surgery, giving you the peace of mind you will not need to find homes for kittens. If your cat had a litter of kittens, you would need to move fast at finding homes or having them altered themselves so that additional litters are not possible. It is important to discuss spaying with your cat's veterinarian as soon as possible, as female cats can reproduce at a young age.

Unwanted Behavior Tends To Cease

The main reason why people have female cats spayed is to stop them from reproducing, however, there are other benefits to be obtained. When a female feline goes into heat, there is a tendency that she would try to gain access to the outside to search for a mate. If your cat is primarily an indoor pet, you may find it difficult to keep her inside. After a cat is spayed, the urge to leave the home usually subsides. In addition, other behavioral annoyances are usually present when a female cat is unaltered. These include yowling, marking of territory, urinating on clothing or other belongings, aggression, or being overly affectionate. These behaviors usually cease after spaying, making it easier for you to live with your cat if you had suffered from previous displays of unwanted actions.

Some Reproductive Issues Are No Longer Applicable

There is always the worry that a cat will suffer from a medical condition. Unaltered female cats tend to have an increased rate of cancer of the reproductive system. If you alter your pet, however, this scenario is not an issue. Since your cat will no longer have the reproductive organs within her body, they are not subject to becoming cancerous. Spaying is a surgical and permanent procedure that aids in keeping your cat safeguarded from reproductive problems.